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“It was the A-level Examination result collection day”

My schoolmate and I just received our exam results and were heading to the tuition center that we attended for the past 2 years. We were expected to show our report cards at 4 pm as instructed by our tutor. It was already 30 minutes past 4 pm and the rest of the students were already there except for the 2 of us. We didn’t do well like the rest of the students in my tuition class who were from more reputable schools.

When we finally garnered enough courage to enter the tuition center, the administrative assistant who was a mother figure to us and one whom we grew very close to throughout the 2 years asked to take a look at our report cards. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

She said,

“Why did you do so badly? With this kind of grades, you can’t go anywhere. How?”

These words stuck in my heart forever.

It felt almost at an instant, my master-status became my grades.

My ability to empathize and interact with people became insignificant.

My love and talent in sports became irrelevant and my character and values became unimportant.

I felt worthless. More importantly, my friend felt worthless too. Students like us were frequently stigmatized due to our inability to “perform” during high stake examinations.

Many of us have our own talent and strengths. Some of us can draw, sing, dance or even cook really well; but we simply can’t perform as well in examinations. We were all made for different things in life but why are we always being measured by the things we are not good at? Why can’t we be measured by the things that we are passionate about and have an interest in?


I knew students differently.

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It’s a free to use platform for people to list their service and expertise and be measured by what they are naturally good at or interested at!

You can share your personal story in your profile, share your most glamorous photos as well as your social media links to show the human side of you! Also, you can get your friends/ clients to write your reviews and testimonials for your potential clients to read!

I feel that this gives a far better representation of every one of us individually and this is why beehivee exist!

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To help anyone who is willing to help themselves!

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At beehivee, we believe that there is not just 1 way of succeeding in life. Even if you are a school drop-out or a stay home mum, an ex-convict or handicapped, we want to be the platform that allows you to list yourself (for free!) on beehivee, work on what you are passionate about and monetize it!

If you are “brave” enough to be willing to put yourself on the web, we want to help you reach your target audiences. So come onboard, add your own listing, share your story and start pursuing what you love!
Its free to list! You put your all your contact details there (number, email, social media), and your interested clients/students will contact you directly. We do not take a cut.

We sincerely hope that it can help change your lives as much as it has changed ours and we hope to see all of your listings and reviews very soon! So starting browsing what freelance categories we have to offer and start thinking which field you wanna be listed on!
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